Headline Roundup: Giving Away Money Still Works! Edition


“Cash for Clunkers” boosted US auto sales, which quickly fell to earth when the program ended. [NYT]

Ford was a big winner; Chrysler a loser. [WSJ]

Wal-Mart takes on Amazon and eBay with an online offering of outside items. [Reuters]

Windows plans to “simplify our branding so it’s easier for people to know when they’re carrying a Windows phone and easier to find them in stores.” [Windows Blog]

Tobacco makers wage free-speech court fight against marketing restrictions, led by First Amendment guru Floyd Abrams. [NYT]

Bank of America plans to return bailout money. [Bloomberg]

Games Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft help Vivendi survive recession. [Guardian]

When brands detach: eBay sells stake in Skype. [NYT]

How Volvo ignored the experts and took the lead in India’s luxury bus market. [FT]