Liv Dolls Offer Girls An Appropriate Model


What does it take to dethrone Barbie? The buxom blonde plastic doll has been reigning for over half a century – which isn’t to say that designers aren’t trying. Behold, the new line of “Liv” dolls targeted at girls age 6 to 10.

While aimed at the same audience as Barbie or Bratz, Spin Master’s designers are attempting to brand the dolls as a realistic alternative to the two. To that end, every doll has a trademark physical flaw (though none that seem immediately noticeable).[more]

The designers insist they worked hard to ensure that none of the dolls look as though they’ve been injected with collagen, and that the body types display a normal height and weight ratio. The clothing styles are also intended to be less revealing, with an emphasis on age-appropriate dress. (So maybe you’ll be seeing fewer short-shorts reading booty-licious on nine-year-olds.) Each one is supposed to have a specific career goal, and none of them think that “math is hard.”

Needless to say, moms love them – it just remains to be seen whether the elementary-school crowd will feel the same.