Jeep Vamps It Up Onscreen


We already know that Volvo is furthering its involvement with the Twilight franchise, with its “What Drives Edward” website. But one other auto brand is also benefitting by vamping it up in the series.

Jeep may not be the main character’s ride, like the Volvo, but as heartthrob (and good vampire!) Emmett Cullen’s hooptie, its roots go back to the original novel:

I stopped dead on the porch. There, behind my truck, was a monster Jeep. Its tires were higher than my waist. There were metal guards over the headlights and tail-lights, and four large spotlights attached to the crash bar. The hardtop was shiny red.[more]

As the above fan-made commercial attests, Jeep’s transition from page to screen has not gone unnoticed. In fact, Jeep, unlike Volvo, is benefitting from grassroots promotions, from homemade commercials for the brand to t-shirts reading “Emmett Cullen made Jeep Wranglers Sexy.” (With apologies to Daisy Duke, I suppose.)

But best of all for Jeep is that Twilight fans looking to adopt one of the franchise’s onscreen rides will probably find it more affordable to get into a Jeep than a Volvo.

There is one other auto brand from the film that boasts fans: Buell, which is ridden by Jasper. Too bad that unlike vampires, the Buell brand proved rather easy to kill.