Lingerie Ad Rebrands Sexiness As A Social Statement


“Sexiness for everyone. Everywhere.” It’s a very appropriate tagline for a lingerie company – though one that viewers aren’t often apt to consider the implications of. That may be why the recent advertisement for the German online lingerie store Liaison has caused such controversy.

The ad opens with a beautiful woman putting on underwear and dressing. Rhythmic Middle Eastern music plays, but it all seems like a fairly standard advertisement. Until, in a twist at the end, she puts on her burka.[more]

Some see it is as promoting stereotypical Western views (the sex goddess beneath the burka), and the ad’s brief nudity is surely not in keeping with traditional Islam.

That said, it seems like a refreshing shift away from all the lingerie ads geared toward making women feel that they should look sexy for their partner. It’s interesting to see one where a woman is looking sexy as a way of expressing her own identity – even if she knows that no one else will see her underwear.

And by rebranding something we’re often apt to think of as a frivolous extra as a social statement, it’s easier to feel justified in buying it. By God, I don’t just want to buy pretty underwear because it looks pretty. I now want to buy it to show solidarity with women who have no other way to express their sexuality!