Kraft Macaroni & Cheese To Sponsor Demolition Of Old Dallas Stadium


The last week of any year takes on an added level of significance as we naturally speculate about the past and future of our lives, both personal and professional. And for those of us who make a living in the branding industry, the following headline from last week should inspire us to reflect, and perhaps pour a stiff drink:

“Kraft Foods poised to sponsor Texas Stadium demolition.”

Yes, this is a real story of a brand sponsoring the explosion of an old building. Yes, this is where we’ve come.

But wait, the comments from the sponsor make it even better worse.[more]

“Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is excited about the possibility of working with the city of Irving, Texas, to be involved in the explosion of Texas Stadium,” said Joanne Freed, a vice president with Hunter.

That would be Hunter Public Relations, Kraft’s marketing representative. The plan appears to be for Kraft to sponsor a contest where the winner gets to be the button-pusher for the big boom. The mayor of Irving claims the deal is worth $1 million in national exposure.

Apparently brands will do anything to attract attention to themselves. But the strategy could backfire. It is certainly conceivable that a fan-based campaign could start within rival communities — the Washington Redskins or New York Giants, for example — to win the opportunity to blow up the Cowboys’ old home.

The ultimate revenge. Thanks to Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. What a crazy world we live in.