After 85 Years, Wonder Tries To Keep White Bread Relevant


It’s one of those iconic brands that defined the American sandwich. Wonder Bread, created in 1925, was America’s first sliced white bread, packaged in plastic adorned with red, yellow, and blue balloons to appeal to kids.

But almost a century later, Wonder Bread, still on grocery shelves, is fighting to stay relevant. Today, the healthy qualities of wheat and whole grain have overshadowed white bread, often perceived as a processed product of little nutritional value. So Hostess Brands, Wonder’s parent company, is launching a new ad campaign that introduces not just the nutritional value of Wonder, but a brand new positioning: Wonder Smartwhite. Stephany Verstraete, a VP at Hostess, tells Brandweek, “We wanted to make sure that mom understands that we get the nutritional needs of today’s families.”[more]

Interestingly, says Brandweek, Wonder was actually involved in a government sponsored initiative in the 1940s to add essential nutrients to white breads. The bread was promoted as containing vitamins and minerals to “build strong bodies.” Now Wonder bread wants consumers to know its contemporary product has good stuff too, like fiber and Vitamin D.

Wonder Bread may be a long-lasting brand – but can it lose the perception that it is a kind of junk food? And can it compete with all of the “good for you” breads currently flooding the marketplace? It makes you wonder…