AT&T Imagines The Future With “Rethink Possible” Initiative


Spring is in the air, and AT&T’s latest brand campaign reflects not only the changing seasons, but underscores the emotional evolution of an entire nation. “Rethink Possible,” the overall theme, offers an optimistic posture that the worst in our recent economic travails may be over.

As one of the America’s top five advertisers, AT&T’s ad campaign serves to remind consumers of a hopeful and enduring cultural ethos we all share. The spirit of the messaging is “in keeping with what an innovative company like AT&T embodies… regardless of the economy,” according to Esther Lee, SVP, marketing and advertising.

This new effort focuses on brand image and aims to reposition AT&T as the modern and ambitious company it is today.  Consumer research indicated that “people understood we had evolved, but there wasn’t enough acknowledgment of us being an innovative company,” said Lee.[more]

Mobile communications, specifically the iPhone and data services, now deliver 70 percent of AT&T’s annual revenue.

The new campaign leverages the iconic AT&T globe logo as the connective tissue to consumers, and plays down the traditional AT&T letters. This significant branding change is intended as “a leadership move,” according to Craig Stout, senior creative director at Interbrand, the agency behind the design aspect.

AT&T recognizes that the explosive growth of wireless broadband and products like the iPhone have put pressure on the network, “but that’s what happens when you live on the tip of the spear,” said Lee.

And with that sort of grip on reality, the door to possibility suddenly swings wide open.