Headline Roundup: Going Green


Green marketing is in the spotlight ahead of Earth Day on Thursday; Earth Day’s 2010 sponsors include P&G, Siemens, Wells Fargo, UPS, and Philips. [Brandweek | TreeHugger]

Toyota is set to agree to a $16.4 million fine today for not telling U.S. officials about a pedal defect. On Friday, the automaker recalled 600,000 minivans over rust problems, and confirmed safety concerns with its Lexus GX 460 model SUV. [AP | USA Today]

KLM, Lufthansa, and British Airways test flights are giving hope to the millions of passengers grounded by Iceland’s volcanic ash. European transport ministers meet today to discuss resuming air travel. Air France, meanwhile, appears to be weathering the disruption. [BBC | NYT | CNN | Businessweek]

American, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and JetBlue won’t charge for carry-on luggage. [AP]

GM took church-goers for a Sunday drive yesterday. [Detroit Free Press]

ESPN seeks to dominate the sports circuit by purchasing NCAA basketball. [Business Insider][more]

Goldman Sachs steps up defence against $1 billion fraud allegations. [Guardian]

Schick razors focus on comfort, not blade count, in new campaign. [NY Times]

7-Eleven hopes for more alcohol-driven sales by distributing its private-label beer. [CNN Money]

Coca-Cola, Delta among the sponsors for Jane Fonda’s inaugural World Fitness Day on May 1. [NY Times]

Best Buy will launch miniature mobile stores around the United States. [FT]

Amazon, Microsoft and Google expand their offerings with cloud computing. [NY Times]

Microsoft pulled its latest ad following claims it encourages “sexting.” [Consumerist]

Apple is having a hard time making inroads in the college market. [WSJ]

Facebook and other social-networking sites are not always the solution for promotions. [Boston Herald]

Belvedere vodka aims to heighten brand awareness with new “Belve” moniker. [NY Times]

Blogging platform Tumblr won’t peddle products with in-site advertising. [LA Times]

Mulberry refreshes its brand to bag high-end shoppers’ fancy. [Guardian]

Do luxury cellphones have the potential to draw in enough sales for Vertu? [NY Times]

Companies are not paying enough attention to the brand power of singles. [Adweek]

Chinese consumers are turning to the Web for entertainment. [NY Times]

Kelsey Grammer and a Comcast executive (but not the cable operator) are backing RightNetwork, a new TV channel already nicknamed Tea Party TV. [Gawker | NY Times]