Headline Roundup: Apple “I’m a Mac” Ads No More?


Apple ending “I’m a Mac” ads?

KFC‘s “pink bucket” promotion isn’t all that, says Consumerist.

Nescafe to revive “Gold Blend” couple after decade break.

Chevrolet moves on from “Like a Rock” and “Heartbeat of America.”

Victoria’s Secret suits up with the NFL.

Israel will allow iPads to enter the country, while bootleg iPads show up in China.[more]

Louis Vuitton opens first eco-friendly LEED-certified  store.

Conde Nast produces Kenneth Cole‘s YouTube campaign.

Ticketmaster, Live Nation merge in an effort to take over the music industry.

Google will eliminate agency search fees.

Twitter acquires Cloudhopper for mobile messaging.

Blippy.com revealed too much user information.

Cheez-It wants to appeal to a more intelligent audience.

Cats Against Clay put a anti-clay cat litter promotion in the New York Times.

Nair‘s latest commercial entices consumers with an abundance of bare legs.

Hulu‘s subscription service may be available in May.

Google‘s NexusOne smartphone is coming to the UK.

RIM announces new BlackBerry models.

Hugo Boss has decided not to close its Ohio factory.

Film studios are looking for more innovative ways to market.

Burger King dabbles with brunch menu.

Loehmann’s will prevail, thanks to a $10 million infusion from its owner.

Taxes could put a damper on Amazon‘s quest to boost sales.

Iron Man 2 tie-ins include Audi, Burger King, Dr. Pepper, LG Electronics and Symantec.

Facebook‘s ShopFans app boosts e-commerce for brands.

Heinz canned in Australia.

Book on Samsung divides Korea.

Vita Coco investor Madonna carries coconut water.

Fashion brands from Prada to Steven Alan are commissioning web films. [watch samples]

Computer companies are focusing on laptops rather than netbooks.

Consumers and the FTC sue companies for greenwashing.

Companies shouldn’t bank on younger consumers just yet.

Counterfeit designer goods sent to Haiti.

New technology boosts luxury watches.

British Fashion Council promotes sustainable designers.

Now, here’s a rebranding challenge.