Survey Says: New Figures for Mobile Payments, Online Ads and more


Consumer spending: Americans spent an average 10% more in April, versus a year ago, according to Gallup. The average daily expenditure ($66) was partially due to higher gas prices and didn’t include “normal” household bills or big-ticket purchases such as cars or homes. [Mediaweek]

World Cup: Soccer fans are set to increase spending on food, drink, newspapers and betting during the FIFA World Cup. [BBC]

E-happiness: There are positive links between access to technology and feelings of well-being, a global study of 35,000 reveals. [BBC]

Mobile payments: The market’s poised to soar. [GigaOm]

Tablets vs. e-readers: Half of consumers plan to buy one – once they hit $200. [VentureBeat]

Email shift: Yahoo is still #1 but losing ground to Gmail. [Silicon Alley Insider]

Web ad revenue: The first quarter saw a 7.5% increase in online ad revenue over Q1 2009, setting a quarterly record $5.9 billion but down from its peak. [IAB]

Display ads: Americans received one trillion display ads in the first quarter, when Facebook showed more display ads than Yahoo did – a first. [comScore][more]

Digital out-of-home video: Grew by “leaps and bounds” in the first quarter, but agencies are “still coming to grips with it.” [MediaPost]

Search engine rankings: Google sites ( and YouTube) dipped slightly in market share last month. [comScore]