Jiapers: Huggies Launches Jean Diapers


Just when it seemed like the jeggings (jeans + leggings) craze was fading away, Huggies is lowering the legal age for denim with Little Movers’ jean diapers — which we’re calling “jiapers,” or “jappies” for nappy-clad fashionistas in the UK.

They’re available nationwide including on Target’s website, where a buyer calling herself “Stylin’ Mom of 3” says the denim color rubbed off on her little guy’s legs. (Kid, you’ve got to suffer for fashion. Er, scratch that!)[more]

Huggies owner Kimberly-Clark explained the product launch in a press release today: “Following the success of our global Huggies brand teams, we’re inviting consumers to engage with the Huggies brand in the same way they would engage with a fashion brand they love. From baby fashion shows to celebrity partnerships, we’re challenging moms to look at diapers in a whole new way.”

The marketing plan aims to mimic a fashion brand’s launch, “incorporating a mix of marketing elements that include fashion shows, celebrity partnerships, social media, public relations, digital and e-commerce partnerships, TV, mall and Internet advertising, as well as highly visible and unique in-store displays and cross promotions.”

Salon’s quip: “does this denim diaper make my butt look fat?” Yep, these kids are in for years of jean therapy.