In the News: It’s Fun to Stay at The Y (Not MCA)


In sad news for the Village People, the YMCA follows KFC, NPR and AARP in formally adopting its acronym and shedding three letters to become just the Y. Individual branches will still be known as “The YMCA of ____.” (Update: Village People respond, more details here.)

BP shares rise on news it’s making progress on oil spill containment but not making promises — and that it’s rumored to be in talks to sell assets to Apache, and facing a possible ExxonMobil takeover bid. Louisiana is pitching BP on a scheme to get unemployed commercial fishermen back on the job.

Spain’s octopus-predicted triumph over the Netherlands in the World Cup final drew Nelson Mandela to the closing ceremony while Uruguay’s Diego Forlan won the Adidas Golden Ball (not the unpopular Jabulani) for individual achievement. A likely terrorist attack in Uganda killing at least 60 World Cup fans marred yesterday’s celebrations.[more]

Apple, AT&T class action advances as a federal judge greenlights legal action.

AT&T U-verse carriage spat with AMC puts Mad Men‘s July 25th season premiere in jeopardy for 2.3 million U.S. viewers.

Billabong is buying California-based surf brand, RCVA.

De Beers unveils 3D windows in Tokyo.

Following Gizmodo‘s iPhone 4 flap, Gawker‘s Jezebel breaks out by picking a fight with Jon Stewart.

Lacoste is going after younger shoppers with new sub-brand dubbed Lacoste Live this fall, and Alexa Chung as face of new fragrance line.

Liberty Media‘s John Malone is seeking new cable deals.

Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss and other luxury fashion brands revamp websites to enable e-tailing.

McDonald’s, Red Lobster and Long John Silver’s join sustainable seafood movement in bid to help fisheries.

Nestle launches points-collecting campaign in UK.

Nike dismantled 10-story LeBron James mural as Cleveland spurns native son (also donates 5,500 World Cup soccer balls in Johannesburg and restrips NYC pop-up store from soccer to basketball). ESPN‘s live James TV special attracted about 10 million viewers.

Old Spice body wash declines in sales despite award-winning campaign (proving Abe Sauer’s point?)

P&G expands retailer-exclusive brand push in UK with Pringle’s flavors for Tesco.

Smirnoff launches new flavors and look.

Starbucks brings DIY coffee products to Japan.

Techmeme adds human element to Web aggregation.

UK’s Food Standards Agency will be abolished following failure of color-coded food warnings scheme rejected by Tesco, among others.

Ultimo uses “real women” (found via Facebook) in new UK campaign..

In a bid to take on ESPN, Time Warner‘s Turner arm will manage and consolidate Sports Illustrated‘s and with a stable of websites managed by Turner Sports, including, and