How Starbucks Dominates Facebook


Starbucks is the first consumer brand to reach 10 million Facebook fans, a.k.a. user “likes.” Taking the lead from Coca-Cola over a year ago, Starbucks has attracted 2.3 million fans just in July so far…and the month is only half-over. Starbucks is now in the rarified company of Lady Gaga.

In light of its recent privacy flap, Facebook is treading carefully when it comes to brands’ presence on the site, including releasing a new video (above) to address users concerned about advertising on their pages.

As for how Starbucks shot to 10 million?[more]

According to Inside Facebook, Starbucks’ success is due to the brand’s “popularity and ubiquitousness (and) because the company maintains a very active presence on Facebook.”

Consistently found among Facebook’s top 20 fastest growing pages, here are Starbucks’ latest FB stats:

•     Fans: 10,078,172
•     Status: Official page
•     Category: Retail
•     Gain today: +98,840 (+0.99%)
•     Gain this week: +562,048 (+5.91%)

And here’s the current top 20 “Social Network Stars” as ranked by Famecount:

  1. Starbucks
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. Red Bull
  4. Skittles
  5. Oreo
  6. Victoria’s Secret
  7. Whole Foods
  8. Windows Live Messenger
  9. Zappos
  10. JetBlue
  11. Dell
  12. Woot
  13. Threadless
  14. SouthWest Airlines
  15. Victoria’s Secret PINK
  16. Zara
  17. Etsy
  18. Adidas Originals
  19. Starburst
  20. H&M