In the News: Microsoft Fast-Tracks Tablet


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer tells analysts the company’s “job one urgency” is developing a tablet to compete with the iPad.

The battle of Colgate vs Aquafresh is unfolding in a New York courtroom over the right to use a “nurdle” (toothpaste squirt) on their toothpaste packaging.

Disney is selling Miramax Films for $660 miilion to an investor group that didn’t include founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Citigroup will pay $75 million to the SEC to settle charges that it failed to disclose subprime exposure to investors in 2007.[more]

American Idol may replace departing Ellen DeGeneres with Jennifer Lopez.

China is taping its first image-branding commercial, with Yao Ming, to air on Western TV outlets in September.

Coca-Cola launches campaign to promote America’s parks.

Facebook is dealing with the fallout of security breaches exposing millions of users’ personal information.

Motorola says demand for Droid X outstrips supply.

Trader Joe’s and Aldi co-owner Theo Albrecht has died at age 88.

Unilever tracks buyers of Omo detergent with GPS devices in promotional boxes.

Universal Studios is in talks with India’s Reliance to jointly fund a $1.5 billion theme park in India.

Washington Post Co. is reluctant to sell Newsweek to a bidder with ties to the National Enquirer.

Volvo, Audi and Peugeot are bullish on China sales to fuel growth.