Brand Bites, Labor Day Edition


The National Rifle Association campaign “Trigger the Vote” releases a Kenny Powers-like video that seems to mock itself. Is this satirical advertising gone horribly, horribly wrong? See it done right by K-Swiss after the jump, along with other quirky branding news.[more]

A cautionary tale to brands about trifling with Google’s rankings. It will send you to “Internet siberia.”

Cleveland Cliffs brand ingeniously mocks Cleveland-abandoner LeBron James.

Murakami joins Macy’s for Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Move over BMW art car … here’s the Jeff Koons Aston Martin.

Art director inspiration: Trains!

More than you ever wanted to know about the design of “his” and “hers” washroom signage.

Will Apple’s Prop 8 censorship create a gay consumer backlash similar to Target?

Reinventing the Mousetrap Award of the week: Tuned Pale Ale

The fictional business cards of fictional film brands. Paper Street Soap Company to Vandelay Industries.

“Yes We Cannabis.” California’s marijuana legalization drive, Proposition 19, gets itself a clever slogan.

This made us paws: a new brand of mouthwash… for dogs.

A humble proposal: Sell sponsorship on US bank notes to raise $700 billion.

Belgium rebrands its post office from La Poste to bpost NV.

Ever wondered if advertisers could make canned ravioli both fascinating and a little creepy? The answer is yes (below).