In the News: AIG, AT&T, Nokia


* AIG talks with the U.S. government about ending taxpayer aid.

* AT&T connects local search to emotions in new marketing campaign.

* Bank of America relies more on cross-selling and less on acquisitions under new CEO Brian Moynihan.

* Dell shifts focus back to big business.

* Gatorade plunges into social media to help revive flagging brand.

* Google Instant challenges brands with more than one name.[more]

* Green Mountain plans to acquire fellow coffee roaster Van Houtte.

* Hearst‘s new revenue stream: meat?

* Home Depot benefits from women fans’ interest in SEC college football.

* Kraft aims for rapid expansion in China.

* Lehman faces more than $2 billion in bankruptcy-related fees.

* NFL Sunday Night Football posts strong ratings for NBC.

* Nokia introduces new smartphones as its handset head resigns.

* Procter & Gamble, AT&T, GM and other major brand owners boosted second-quarter advertising spending by double digits.

* Ritz-Carlton lowers itself to adding a loyalty program. 

* Toyota plans six new hybrid models for 2012.

* Volkswagen‘s incoming CEO, Jonathan Browning, will focus on shoring up its global sales efforts.

* Volvo sets plant openings in China in bid to boost brand globally.

* Wonderbra launches 3D billboard in London, worrying road-safety officials.