Ally Brand Grows Up, Taps Inner Kid


Now that GMAC Financial is established as Ally, with its campaign featuring kids-as-bank-customers confronted by an untrustworthy adult (representing, of course, other banks) firmly entrenched in the US, Ally feels it’s time to grow up.

Its new series of spots banishes the kids, with a new campaign unrolling today featuring kid-like adults discussing “the wacky ways” they love Ally.

The attention-getting kids-based campaign “did a nice job of successfully informing customers we’re a different bank,” said Ally CMO Sanjay Gupta to the New York Times. “But now that we established that,” he added, the goal is to focus more on what Ally offers: “innovative products, no hidden fees, being able to talk to an actual person.”[more]

Gupta acknowledged that the new spots, which are more about adults in touch with their inner kids, may not generate as much buzz as the campaign featuring actual kids (some of that buzz, it should be noted, centering on how upset the kids really were during the commercials’ taping).

“That someone can talk positively about their bank is unusual. Most of the time, you don’t find that,” Gupta noted. The new campaign is “perhaps not in the same vein” but it is “still allowing us to highlight key, salient points that make us different.”

GMAC Bank last year rebranded to Ally Bank and changed GMAC Financial Services to Ally Financial in May, in addition to rebranding its auto finance business as Ally.