Australia’s Top Brands: Tech Trumps Vegemite


The Pew Research Center today revealed which tech brands dominate news coverage in the US — but tech brands are also king down under.

High tech is now the darling of Australian consumers, according to a new survey. That country’s list of most-loved brands is dominated by technology companies, according to a  global survey conducted by Brand Asset Consulting. Google, Micosoft, Nokia, Sony, Apple and eBay are all at the top of the list.

David Evans, research director of Brand Asset Consulting, tells Australia’s SmartCompany, “There really was no surprise that tech brands are the top of the leading brands, but the surprise is in the extent to which they’re being admired by the majority of consumers and not just geeks.”[more]

“It’s clear why consumers love tech,” he continues. “Consumers love anything that makes their lives easier, and these companies are now making it easier and simpler for them to connect with others.”

Just as interesting are the brands that have taken a nose dive in popularity. Some of the biggest losers, according to the survey, include Dare milk, Huggies, and Venus razors, all traditionally strong consumer products. Also at the bottom of the list were the magazines FHM and InStyle, as well as Nutrient Water and Tiger Airlines.

Vegemite, a yeast extract that’s as well-known to Australian kids as peanut butter is to American children, fell from fourth to tenth place. Evans says it’s because the brand is “becoming more of the Baby Boomer generation’s brand, and younger people are not adopting it as fast as Boomers did. It has failed to connect with Gen Y.”

Despite their popularity, however, tech brands didn’t fare as well in a list ranking brands on the basis of customer service. No tech brand appeared in the top 20 “customer care” brands.