Green Brands Look for Rewards at RecycleBank


Nature Made, Kashi, LeapFrog and Nestle Purina have just joined green rewards organization RecycleBank in preparation for America Recycles Day, this November 15. Together, these brands represent four major areas of recyclable materials: plastic, paper, electronics and metal. The companies, in collaboration with RecycleBank, are planning to educate and incentivize consumers to recycle, through digital and social media campaigns.
“There is no doubt that sustainability is a top priority for brands today, and we are thrilled to have Nature Made, Kashi, LeapFrog and Nestle Purina join our movement,” said Ian Yolles, CMO of RecycleBank. “Consumers realize that one of the easiest ways they can positively impact the environment is through their purchasing decisions and are increasingly looking to corporations to be the ones driving environmental change.”[more]

If you haven’t already jumped on the recycling bandwagon, here are some wake-up statistics:

• If two million people recycled their vitamin bottles just once, those actions would save 91,500 kWh – as much electricity as the Hoover Dam produces in one hour.

• If one million people recycled their paperboard cereal boxes for one year, those actions would conserve 25,500 trees – as many trees as in Central Park.

• If two million people recycled their cell phones, which are similar in content to many major electronic devices, more than 70,000 pounds of copper would be conserved – 10,000 more pounds than in the Statue of Liberty.

• Recycling one 5.5-ounce aluminum pet food container saves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for more than three hours.

RecycleBank aims to have the participation of 2 million consumers by America Recycles Day 2011, and clearly, small steps by both businesses and consumers add up to huge collective impact we can all bank on.