Scarrots: Baby Carrots Get Spooky for Halloween


It’s a mother’s worse nightmare — her kids’ addiction to junk food. Especially given the increased awareness around childhood obesity, junk food has been taking a big hit of late.

Which is why baby carrots have gone on the offensive. In a classic case of repositioning a healthy food with lagging sales, forty-nine carrot producers recently formed the Bunch of Carrot Farmers alliance to reposition baby carrots as a snack food, with a clever marketing campaign and the catchy tagline, “Eat ’em like junk food.”

Bryan Reese, chief marketing and innovation officer of Bolthouse Farms, who is spearheading the $25 million baby carrots push, tells Ad Age that the carrot category was flat and the marketing was missing “an emotional connection.”[more]

Reese studied junk-food marketers and saw that they were good at moving products “even though they’re not healthy… So our strategy was to take pages out of their marketing book when it comes to especially very technical things like bright packaging and exciting promotions and finding interesting ways to deliver our product to them.”

While the campaign has been running for a few months and is supported with its own microsite and iPhone game, the carrot-marketers’ latest gimmick is Halloween-related. “Scarrots” (what else?) come in 25 handy mini-packs, packaged in a black bag, complete with glow-in-the-dark stickers.

We’re not sure how many households will forgo Hershey and Mars to hand out baby carrot packs, but hey, at least they’re orange — and their crunch could add some spooky sound effects while trick or treating on Saturday.