Rally To Restore Brand Bites


You can’t spell the brand “Yakult probiotic yogurt” without “yak.” (above)

“Do you realize that toilet paper has not changed in my lifetime? It’s just paper on a cardboard roll, that’s it. And in ten thousand years, it will still be exactly the same because really, what else can they do?” George Costanza, meet the new tube-less Scott toilet paper.

Can branded content be funny? Is branded content just another name for product placement? Yes and yes.

Hermes and Yamaha unveil their $62,000 motorcycle (but does it come with Kelly Saddlebags?)

Expectations run high for slogans and signs at tomorrow’s Stewart/Colbert rally in DC.[more]

Five new ways brands can harness the abilities of Facebook.

Mexican Coke’s mystical, non-HFCS properties? Blown out of the sweet, sweet water by TIME.

Mindbending ad headline of the week: “Seductive Priest Not Allowed to Sell Ice Cream.

Air India Express rebrand takes off.

From the Dept. of Art Director Mind-Blowing: Teal and Orange, Stop the Madness

Package design win of the week.

Sears isn’t the only brand currently to “go zombie” in its branding campaigns. Cheetah Power Surge energy drink also goes for the BRRRAAAAIIINNNSSSSSS:

NBCU’s horror network Chiller scares up new logo. But is it still “scary good?”

Does the white iPhone need a white knight?

Matthew Knight Arena at University of Oregon: The logo and the tragic naming backstory.

Early reports indicate Holiday Inn rebrand was big success.

And finally, “Balloon Boy” father Richard Heene is going in a new direction. Below, the Richard Heene Bear Scratch™.