McRib Fever Builds to a Frenzy Ahead of Nov. 2 Launch


Tomorrow marks the first day since 1994 that the McRib sandwich will officially be available nationwide in the U.S.

Anticipation, to put it lightly, is running high. It’s caused a riot at Penn State, it was referenced at the end of the Taiwanese animated precreation of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally — and we can guess at least one celeb who’s tickled by the month-long promotion, running through Dec. 5.

First introduced in 1982, it’s actually already available in select McDonalds, inspiring fans (such as the New Yorker above) to share sightings on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, where the #mcrib hashtag is being promoted by the fast food giant.

With a fan-created McRib Locator and word-of-mouth taking over social networks, McDonalds marketers could have saved their money — fans of the pork-based, rib-shaped sandwich are doing the heavy lifting for them.