T-Mobile Flash Mob Takes Over London Heathrow


T-Mobile’s latest flash mob viral marketing stunt — an instrument-free, a cappella concert greeting fliers arriving at London’s busy Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport — took over the British airwaves Friday night.

Staged at the “largest free-standing structure in all of Great Britain and home to British Airways’ global hub, (it’s) safe to say that this probably confused the hell out of some international travelers experiencing English culture for the first time,” commented AgencySpy.

“It’s about fun, it’s about enjoyment, it’s about people getting involved” says T-Mobile brand director  Spencer McHugh. The three-minute ad debuted Friday simultaneously across more than 80 TV channels in the U.K. Check out the flash mob spot and the public’s reaction after the jump.[more]

The tease:

The spot:

What people thought:

A view from the back: