Social Media Watch: Election Predictions, Privacy Fears, FB2B Marketing


Facebook user-connection view raises concerns of enabling stalking, while Facebook and Zynga also raise fears of transmitting users’ Facebook IDs via referrer headers enabling identification by advertisers. Facebook’s “unlike” button also concerns brand marketers. The rumor mill is also churning ahead of today’s Facebook Mobile announcement.

Facebook and Twitter proved reliable indicators of yesterday’s U.S. midterm elections.

Amazon launches gift cards on Facebook.

Doyenz tests B2B Facebook marketing with QR codes.

EA‘s social games will run on Facebook Credits.

Elle tips cap to Bizzy and PassportStyle as social sites with major fashion cred.[more]

Google pays $8.5 million to settle suit alleging that Google Buzz violates privacy, while Google Street View ruled to violate UK privacy laws.

MTV passes Bravo on Foursquare.

Old Spice, John Lewis and Philips compete for YouTube marketing prize in UK.

Stephen Fry quits Twitter — again.

Ted Baker dreams up a unique cross-Atlantic competition: a Twitter Styling Studio.

• Listmania: fastest-growing Facebook apps this week, the 10 most-followed non-celebs on Twitter, and 10 “mind-blowing” social gaming stats.