Brands to Watch: Chevy, HarperCollins, Myspace and more


Brands to Watch

Chevy to invest $40 million in clean energy projects.

Coca-Cola presents greatest interactive billboard of all times.

Darvon and Darvocet pulled from U.S. pharma market.

eBay joins Yahoo and Google in wooing Groupon.

The Economist comes to the iPhone & iPad.

Another publisher is out at Entertainment Weekly.

Facebook now accounts for nearly one in four pageviews in the U.S.[more]

Ford and Wall Street Journal partner on traffic updates.

HarperCollins sticks with social media for new book campaigns.

Martha Stewart to receive Media Vanguard Lifetime Achievement Award.

MSNBC suspends Joe Scarborough for two days for political donations.

MySpace and Facebook to share user data.

Rolling Stone restaurant gets ready to open.

The Wiggles aren’t kidding around with protecting their name.

TJ Maxx offers reduced-price iPads.

Virgin America pilot marries gay couple as plane flies over Canada.

Wal-Mart sets up consumer website to ease entry into Washington, D.C.

Warner Bros. crosses fingers for blockbuster Harry Potter weekend.