Penn State: We Are… Apple Product Placement


At some point during every NCAA football game, the two schools involved are given an opportunity to run commercials promoting their particular college’s vision or strengths. As we head into Harvard-Yale hoopla this weekend, take a look back at last weekend’s huge game between Penn State and Ohio State, which featured some “We are Penn State” TV rah-rah. It was product placement-tastic.[more]

Beside the close up of the Nike logo, Penn State’s promo featured a couple of prominent placements of Apple MacBooks. (Commercial below.) It’s noteworthy that another promo video put out by Penn State prominently features an iPhone.

It will probably surprise nobody to learn that Penn State maintains partnerships with Microsoft, including its Milton Hershey Medical Center’s use of Microsoft Surface technology. The school formerly worked closely with Dell, so it’s no great scandal that their advertising makes such heavy use of Apple products.

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