The Walking Dead Product Placement: Dodge Challenger Eats Zombie Brains


After just two episodes, the zombie action (not a contradiction in terms!) US TV drama The Walking Dead on the Mad Men-buffed AMC channel was picked up for another season.

With any luck, the series renewal might give Dodge another 13 whole episodes for a product placement as spectacular as its second episode, titled “Guts.”[more]

We recently looked at muscle car product placement and how Chevelle has been the 2010 star in lights.  But the red retro Challenger R/T made a huge showing the zombie drama, cutting lose Hemi and all and ripping up the streets.

You can see some of the car the clip below (which is mildly NSFW due to language and zombia-hacking awesomeness). The Challenger is at the 4:30 mark.

Interestingly, a Chrylser spokesperson told us that the automaker had nothing to do with the placement and that the producers picked up the car on their own. Nonetheless, Chrysler said “We are pleased they used a Dodge Challenger in the show. We are fans.”

Also pleased: Challenger fans. Four separate threads were running in the Dodge Challenger Fourm.

With an estimated audience of 4.7 million, and an impressive on-screen time and maybe the perfect demographics, the Challenger placement was far more valuable than an conventional 30-second spot could hope to be. Plus, numerous summaries and reviews of the episode mentioned the Challenger by name. The added bonus was that it was all free.

Of course, the greatest Challenger product placement of all time is Vanishing Point, a movie that put the classic Challenger on the map. Screaming down highways from Colorado to San Francisco, the Challenger is only once upstaged… by a naked woman on a Honda motorcycle: