Brandcameo Product Replacement Quiz Gets You to The Greek


Time for a special holiday edition of Brandcameo’s Product Replacement Quiz. Is your cinematic recall good enough to name these three prominent product placements from this summer’s hit comedy, Get Him to the Greek? Take our quiz after the jump.[more]

Before we challenge your memory with Russell Brand’s brands, here’s a look at some of the products in this week’s new films:

Brandcameo has already looked closely at some of the bigger placements in three of this week’s big films. We noted how Faster proves that Chevelle is stealing perfectly good muscle car roles.

We ruminated on the hollowness of products in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

And we explained how Pfizer has nothing to fear from Love and Other Drugs.

A brand that maybe does have something to fear from drugs? Porsche. It seems the German sports car brand once again finds itself (below) cast as the chosen ride of jerks (a trend we’ve examined before).

Burlesque opens this week and one of the muscial’s numbers takes on haute brands such as Chanel, YSL, Dior, Agent Provocateur — even Harry Winston gets in on the shout out to luxury product brand names in the song I’m a Good Girl:

And what goes better with such luxury brands than Heineken (below). Wait, what?

Will Disney‘s latest animated pricess tale Tangled further confirm the theme of studios completely dropping product placement from animated children’s films?

Also, back to Faster, firearm-maker Ruger is poised to benefit handsomely from the placement of its handsome Redhawk Alaskan revolver (below). The gun’s placement is already lighting up message boards.

Ok, now it’s time for our weekly quiz. The below three product placements below are all from June’s Russell Brand romp, Get Him to the Greek. It hasn’t been long since it was on the big screen; can you name them all?

1) Rock star Mr. Snow (Brand) drowned his sorrows in this controlled beverage, above.

2) Given the trend of studios placing their media partners within films (which we’ve explored), it’s no surprise to see this network in Greek.

3) This smart hone brand was front and center filling the screen for a good few seconds.

Put your answers, as well as any other tips or observations, in the comments. As always, we’ll have the answers next week. Happy Holidays!