Is Comedy Central’s New Logo a Gapastrophe in the Making?


Viacom’s Comedy Central network today revealed its new on-air branding coming in January. The new logo features a mark, resembling a loopy Chanel or copyright symbol, and an upside down “Central” — a severely mod contrast to its retro skyscrapered globe now being put out to pasture.

The U.S. channel (there are others) is adopting what it’s calling the Comedy Mark as a graphic “stamp” (as the mildly NSFW video above shows) that will display clearly on an iPad — the same motivation that Gap had for trying to jettison its blue square logo. Comedy Central this week launched an iPhone and iPad app for The Daily Show, along with one for Tosh.O.

Reactions include “more high-end design magazine … than channel that plays Ghostbusters 2 a lot on weekends,” “a distant cousin to @ and ©,” “still funny?” a “misadventure” and just plain “suck” — while ponders if the copyright logo it mimics is copyrighted. Fast Company, meanwhile, argues that critics are missing the joke.

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