Christmas Eve Brand Bites: Gifts For Gap


We appreciate the Gap brand is having a tough year. A rebrand disaster. A respectable charity campaign marred by a lack of attention to detail. But buck up little Gap campers. You are still one of the most powerful and recognized apparel brands on the planet. Indeed, before they became the heart and soul of the film Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk were hooked up with Gap (above). So, in the spirit of the season, we’re looking back on Gap’s brighter days.[more]

A selection of great Gap commercials from holidays past:

And a seasonal reminder of how far the Gap has come as a brand:

A few other (non-Gap) brand bites:

• Best holiday shopping advertorial headline? “Winters Snow Problem with Sorel.

• Top brand gifts grow in value after Christmas.

• NBA player Matt Bonner only wants one thing for Christmas. A new shoe sponsor.

• Porsche takes bopbsledding to a whole new level. That level of sledding also costs £170.00.

• Do you know who my dad is? China’s top 10 buzzwords of 2010: “Wǒ bà shì lǐ gāng!”

• Finally, and with vintage holiday commercials in mind, below is the Christmas commercial that I personally remember before all others. I have no idea why. (“Noelco!” Get it?!) What’s your most memorable Christmas commercial of all time?