Pepsi Maxes Out on The X Factor


How excited is Pepsi to confirm today that it’s sole season-long sponsor on Simon Cowell’s US version of The X Factor on FOX this fall? Enough to already have a TV teaser and start dangling Facebook exclusives, including to its Twitter followers.

Pepsi SVP Frank Cooper addressed the latest volley in the the Cola Wars in an interview with the New York Times:

“Asked if he took any personal joy in stealing the X Factor franchise from Coke, he laughed and said, ‘We love winning. There is absolutely personal joy in getting the X Factor property. I love it,’ he said. ‘But I love it mostly because of what we can do with it.'”[more]

According to the article, Pepsi and FOX will jointly promote their X Factor partnership online and offline, and leverage the crowdsourcing model of the Pepsi Refresh Project to create more fizz online:


Cooper said the social media and local community parts of the Pepsi Refresh Project — which lets people vote to give grants to deserving groups — would be used as a template for X Factor. Mr. Cowell, too, talked up the online opportunities for X Factor and Pepsi.“The social community, the Internet, is going to be a vital part of building up the buzz about this show.”

The big winner, besides Simon Cowell and his partners, may very well be FOX, whose double-fisted ad sales savvy keeps Coke in one hand for American Idol, and adds Pepsi to the other for X Factor.