Smells Like Lithuania Spirit


Shakespeare said that there was something rotten in the state of Denmark, but Lithuania is smelling quite lovely these days. Specifically, it’s smelling like musk, cedar and sandalwood, the main scents of a new perfume created to represent Lithuania and named, imaginatively enough, “Lithuania.”

According to the foreign ministry, the new perfume is “a good example of how to communicate Lithuania to the public in an innovative way.” Bottles have been sent (scent?) to all foreign ambassadors in Vilnius and Lithuanian soldiers in Afghanistan, and plans are underway to distribute to Lithuanian embassies, hotels and airports.

The strong, woodsy ingredients of the perfume are intended to represent the Indo-European origins of the Lithuanian language as well as Lithuanian strength of character. Notes of wood fires have also been added to bring to mind “pagan rituals, as well as moss and wildflowers,” Mindaugas Stongvilas, an expert in emotional communication behind the project, said. Pagan rituals?[more]

But wait, there’s more! An entire line of Lithuania-scented products is being designed, with “Feeling Lithuania” candles going on sale next month.

The project certainly is innovative. Clothing brands and celebrities have long been bottling their olfactory essences, but we aren’t aware of a country that has yet done so. While some may not be able to take the perfume as seriously as it is meant, it is certainly getting people talking about Lithuania. Not to mention dabbing it behind their ears.