Tall Doofuses and Product Placement: The Dilemma vs. The Green Hornet


Before we get to this week’s quiz or this week’s look at the battling beer placements in this week’s two big releases, The Green Hornet (starring Seth Rogen) and The Dilemma (featuring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James), kick back and take in the above snapshot of beer brands and product placement put together for the blog Filmdrunk.

Done? Good. Now let’s look at all the intriguing product placement around this week’s dueling “tall doofus” films, including a “ooh” at what could have been, with an attractive offer to replace Green Hornet’s iconic Imperial Crown with a Beemer.[more]

That’s right, seven years ago, before a script for the film was even written, Green Hornet producers opened bidding to auto brands for the right to be the hot new ride of the classic hero. The deal was reported to be hovering around $35 milion, the biggest of all time.

In the end, the filmmakers stuck to precedent with the modified and still monstrous 1966 Imperial Crown model.  But that doesn’t mean Green Hornet turned other placement down. We’ve already looked at the heavy Corona product placement in The Green Hornet (below):

But the film appears to have a soft spot for Belvedere as well. (Though we wonder how the high-end vodka brand feels about being mixed with Red Bull, like some common bottom shelf bathtub brew?)

Meanwhile, Green Hornet‘s competition goes with a good ol’ (foreign-owned) American beer, Budweiser.

Here we see The Dilemma‘s boys taking in a Chicago Blackhawks game on the Bud-sponsored big screen:

And is that a Glock placement in The Dilemma?

Still, like The Green Hornet, the big product placement in The Dilemma is an automaker. We already know that Chrysler and The Dilemma worked out a huge deal, as the automaker’s name is all over the film. The main characters are engine designers and part of the plot involves them selling to Dodge, with the brand represented by a Chrysler executive played by Queen Latifah. Vince Vaughn even drives a classic Dodge Challenger.

How do we know the role is beyond the norm? For starters, Chrysler won’t even talk about it in advance of the premiere. Certainly that strategy is to avoid allowing the crux of the film’s plot to be overshadowed by the brand’s involvement.

This is evident in the latest trailer for the film. Early trailers included a scene featuring a Dodge-branded dashboard. New trailers have the same scene, except something is missing. (Comparison below).

This blurring of product placements in trailers is a growing trend that Brandcameo looked at this last week with Stella Artois and No Strings Attached.

The Dilemma is part of a strong 2011 product placement push by Chrysler that includes, amongst others, big films like Fast Five and Green Lantern.

On to our new quiz, in which this week’s two leading funnymen are hardly new to seeing products in their scenes.

1) In this Adam Sandler film, Seth Rogen shares screen time with what beverage?

2) Vince Vaughn may have broken up with Jennifer Aniston, but he’ll never split up with his hometown team, which also appears in The Dilemma.

On Monday, Brandcameo will look at all the placements in this week’s top film as well as post the answers for this week’s product replacement quiz.

Enjoy the weekend!