Eggs Poach Attention in Scrambled Diets


The nation’s concern about childhood obesity and junk food plays right into the hands of America’s egg producers. And they’re trying to take better advantage of their position with a new series of TV ads that are running on Good Morning America, the Food Network and elsewhere.

“You Do Everything” is the title of the new campaign from the American Egg Board, and it’s both a play on the robust nutritional profile of eggs as well as a nod toward the parents who are being nudged to feed them to their kids. The message: As a powerhouse of protein, some enhanced with omega-3s that also support brain development, eggs are a great nutritional choice for breakfast and beyond.

Now that the furor has died down over the recall of half a billion eggs last August, with a PR campaign that won praise from Social Media Influence for its proactive #eggrecall Twitter campaign and Facebook responsiveness, the AEB is looking to regain parents’ trust and drive attention back to[more]

In one new commercial, titled “Play,” a father helps his kid practice for a school play; another, titled “Math,” features a dad helping his daughter with a $20 bill and a math problem. While both feature dads, the bigger idea is that good parents, like eggs, are there for kids — “good eggs,” if you will — and highly beneficial to children’s wellbeing.

Both ads end with the word, “Incredible!” superimposed on an egg. And just to add a bit of appeal to the financial straits still felt by most American consumers, the last bit of information in the ads is, “Only 15 cents” per egg.

”Eggs are often a part of weekend breakfasts, but there is an opportunity to make eggs a bigger part of Americans’ weekday breakfast routines,” said Kevin Burkum, marketing chief for the not-for-profit American Egg Board.