Product Placement With Benefits: Company Men And No Strings Attached


That an Ashton Kutcher film would be loaded with brands should come as no surprise. It was approximately a year ago that the actor starred in Valentine’s Day, a film in which we counted nearly 60 brand appearances.

This week we take a closer look at the product placement-packed No Strings Attached, which opens this weekend, as well as a special Ashton-themed Product Replacement Quiz. But first, a look at how Grey Goose won the product placement award of the week.[more]

When octogenarian superstar Betty White went on David Letterman’s show this week, Grey Goose was a big beneficiary, receiving the unofficial endorsement of two comic icons:

Now, on to the films opening this weekend and the products in them.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to find few brands placed in The Company Men. The Ben Affleck-starring film tells the tale of the grim realities faced by employees of a fictional CTX Corp.

One real-world brand that does, however, make a cameo and lasting impression is Diet Coke:

Originally slated to be released in 2010, The Company Men would have been another of last year’s slate of films taking place in (and promoting) Boston. Of course, given that the film features a number of heartless business jerks, it’s no surprise to see a Porsche.

We’ve already looked at how marketers of the romcom romper No Strings Attached were so embarrassed by the surfeit of Stella Artois product placement in the film that the brand’s labels were blurred in the trailer. Compare below:

But Stella isn’t the only product firmly attached to No Strings Attached. We’ve also already seen an iPhone:

And in a trend that is picking up steam by the week, the studio producing the film (Paramount) has inserted itself into the film for several scenes:

In honor of Ashton Kutcher’s new film, we’ve put together a Product Replacement Quiz with a selection of brand placements in four Kutcher films: 

1) In Just Married, Kutcher gets some matrimonial advice from an elder — as well as this beverage:

2) Apple Macbook placements make a killing in the 2010 film Killers. This beverage played second fiddle, kind of like Kutcher:

3) Also in 2010, Kutcher begged this airline to help him get to the one he loves on Valentine’s Day:

4) The only clear thing going on in My Boss’s Daughter was the product placement of this snack:

Post your guesses in the comments below, along with any interesting product placements you spot at the movies this weekend. And then stay tuned for the answers, and a look at brand’s featured in the weekend’s #1 film, on Monday.