Here We Go: Fans Buck Bud Light’s Joe Buck Ad as Bad Call


Last week we noted a new study that disputed celebrity endorsements, finding not only can they be ineffective, they may (often, claims the study) harm the very brands they are meant to build.

We saw the perfect example of the study’s findings in action over the weekend during the final NFL playoff games of the season, with Bud Light’s new commercial featuring Joe Buck.[more]

The commercial, which is the culmination of Bud Light’s football season “Here we go” campaign, sparked a backlash on Twitter:

While Buck is not a huge presence, whoever made the commercial does not understand how a lot of real football fans feel about Buck. To get an idea, scroll through a Twitter search for “Joe Buck Bud” for fans’ Monday morning quarterbacking on the spot.

It’s pretty brutal. The Fox analyst and play-by-play man has his champions, those who see his deep knowledge of the game informative and impressive. But everyone else despises him, considering him a smarmy, condescending ass.

It didn’t help that during Sunday’s game, Buck passive-aggressively mocked his co-announcer, six-time Pro-Bowler and three-time Super Bowl champion, Troy Aikman for being a poor running quarterback. Meanwhile, Buck has never played a pro sport in his life.

It’s an appropriate finale for a brand campaign that has been spotty, incluidng probably the stupidest, most insulting single ad in a season of stupid, insulting ads:

The Bud Light “Close Encounters” ad displays the worst of passive-aggressive gender warring. The big joke here is that earth’s men are such pathetic sleazebags that they will abandon their girlfriends and wives for $3.75 worth of beer and things that, for all they know, might not even have human sexual organs.

Meanwhile, the women themselves whoop and bellow in excitement that “the guys are gone” as if they’ve been waiting for years to have a giant party except that all the men were ruining everything. What a tremendous sentiment to which to hitch a brand.

But then, if Bud Light is aiming to associate itself with Joe Buck, is it really any surprise?