Super Bowl Ad Watch Sneak Peek: Watch More XLV Spots Than You Can Shake a Towel At [Updated]


Teaser spots and leaking commercials abound for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Yesterday we noted GM’s Transformers 3 Chevy Camaro Super Bowl ad — as it turns out, not the only ad for the big game that will feature an automaker partnered with a film franchise. Above, Volkswagen borrows a little from Star Wars in a spot, “The Force,” that’s already zooming up YouTube trends.

Watch more Super Bowl XLV ads and teasers after the jump. Also, take a moment for our survey to vote for the most memorable product placements in 2010’s movies and help us pick the winners for the annual Brandcameo Product Placement Awards coming up later this month.[more]


Promoted the A8 with a “Luxury Prison” spot that prods viewers to rethink luxury.

Pre-Game teasers: “Startled Smart,” below, plays on “Scared Straight” warnings to kids. A related Facebook campaign (dubbed the Audi Estate Sale on) and a Twitter hashtag (#ProgressIs) are part of the brand’s XLV Super Bowl campaign:

AUDI‘s second teaser features “Kenny G, Riot Suppressor” —

The “Release the Hounds” pre-game teaser:

Didn’t air: AUDI “Goodnight”


Returning to the Super Bowl after decade-long break to promote the X3 SUV, advanced diesel.


BRIDGESTONE: Two 30-second spots for the returning halftime show sponsor; “Reply All” should be fun:

BRISK: PepsiCo’s Lipton Iced Tea brand has signed Eminem for claymation treatment similar to Ozzy’s:

BUD LIGHT: Teaser for “Severance Package” (continuing on the “Here We Go” theme), riffing on “Swear Jar” and “Clothing Drive” —

BUD LIGHT “Severance Package”

BUDWEISER: A 60-second spot, “Wild West,” brings back the Clydesdales.

CAREERBUILDER: The chimps will return after a five-year break.

CARS.COM: Two 30-second spots look to establish the site as a go-to for car-buyers:

CHEVROLET — CAMARO — “Miss Evelyn”

CHEVROLET — CAMARO — “Al’s Chevy Dealership”


CHEVROLET CRUZE — CRUZE — “Misunderstanding”




CHRYSLER spots include “Snowpocalypse” All-Wheel Drive

COCA-COLA: Watch for two spots: “Border Crossing” (:60) and another with an animated dragon.

DORITOS & PEPSIMAX: The PepsiCo siblings will reveal the three winning :30 Crash the Super Bowl user-created spots, while PepsiMax and Doritos are featured in this cooking with Snoop spot:

E*TRADE: Rest assured, there will be talking babies. Here’s a teaser:

FORD The Focus Rally will take the center stage during the “Focus Rally: America Pre-Game Kick” before the Super Bowl Sunday on FOX at 6 pm EST; two spots featuring the rally will invite viewers to participate in Ford’s social media campaign at

GM: With five spots and a $3 million budget, expect a lot of Chevrolet with spots promoting Camaro, Cruze Eco, Silverado HD and Volt (also, the game’s MVP will receive a Camaro):

GO DADDY: Teaser ads tout its domain and next female ambassador to join Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick:

GROUPON: The deals site snagged a last-minute spot for its first Super Bowl, and today posted its first commercial to whet appetites, an amateur effort that was inspired by the 2009 Super Bowl:

HOMEAWAY: “Smush” introduces the James Bond villainesque Minister of Detourism and a controversial scene with a baby (plus the chance to put your face on the baby):

HYUNDAI: Jeff Bridges voices one Sonata spot and a series of Elantra spots, including “Hypnotized”:

HYUNDAIElantra “Childhood”:

HYUNDAI – Elantra “Sheep”:

HYUNDAI – Elantra “Deprogramming”:

HYUNDAI – Elantra “Car Wash”:

HYUNDAI – Sonata “Anachronistic City”:

KIA‘s “One Epic Ride” Optima spo below is tied to its One Epic Contest pre-game campaign.

KIA – Optima teaser:

MERCEDES-BENZ “Welcome” (extended cut):

MERCEDES-BENZ: And check out its pre-game Twitter competition:

MOTOROLA will promote its Xoom tablet:

PARAMOUNT PICTURES: Five in-game trailers — for Captain America: The First Avenger, Rango, Super 8, Thor and Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon — plus a pre-game spot for Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda 2, which it’s distributing:

PIZZA HUT is getting ready for its biggest day of the year:

SALESFORCE.COM: One 30-second ad before and one 15-second spot after the halftime show featuring half-time act the Black Eyed Peas. Developed by, the spots feature animated characters called the “Baby Peas” to promote Chatter, Salesforce’s corporate social platform:

SNICKERS: No Betty White this year;the Mars-owned brand’s “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” pairs Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr:

SUZUKI: A teaser for its Kizashi-boosting “Wicked Weather” spot:

TELEFLORA: Faith Hill will promote her namesake floral collection for the brand:

VOLKSWAGEN: VW’s Passat ad (at top) uses a Star Wars theme and music to charming effect. The Beetle spot below makes use of a CGI “Black Beetle” character grooving to Black Betty by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (and watch the Black Beetle tear up YouTube here):


Other brands with ads in Sunday’s big game:

BEST BUY: The retailer’s Super Bowl debut will feature Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne, and space suits.

CARMAX: Making its Super Bowl debut with two 30-second spots.

DISNEY: Watch for a new trailer for Walt Disney Pictures’ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

SKECHERS: Watch for its 30-second spot with Kim Kardashian.

STELLA ARTOIS: The Anheuser-Busch InBev brand will debut at the Super Bowl with a 60-second spot starring Adrien Brody. A peek at “Crying Jean,” part of its “She is a Thing of Beauty” campaign, can be viewed here.

20TH CENTURY FOX: A 30-second trailer for the animated film Rio will include a special code (viewers must pause to catch the single frame) directing “Angry Birds” fans to a special level in the popular mobile game.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: Unveiling two new trailers, one for Cowboys & Aliens.

Other brand spots pegged to Sunday’s Big Game fever:

LEFTY O’DOUL’S will air its first national spot, touting its “bartender in a bottle” drink mixes:

PLANTERS: In a mini-western for Planters Flavor Grove Almonds that’s being promoted on Facebook, meet Alejandro. The spot, which brings back Robert Downey Jr. as the voice of Mr. Peanut, introduces his almond rival as “Lady killer, bull fighter, and much to Mr. Peanut’s annoyance – one upper.”

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