LeBron James Dances for State Farm


State Farm wants LeBron fans to like its Facebook page to check out its new campaign — fortuitously timed to the epic game he played last night. But can winning games for the Miami Heat override the damage his image suffered last year after he left the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Bleacher Report recently questioned his brand value as a celebrity endorser, writing that King James creates a “marketing dilemma” for sponsors such as McDonald’s, Nike, and State Farm, along with his team:

“consumers do not like his new public persona, and polls rank him as one of the most disliked athletes in America. Whether or not that’s based on facts or public perception, that’s bad for business when you are trying to sell insurance or soda.”

That said, America loves a comeback. Interbrand’s Patrick Kerns writes, “Winning streaks and stat lines have started dominating the headlines, instead of the “Decision” debacle. LeBron’s on-court performance—and his team’s—has improved, and this is beginning to drive the brand once again. The question now is, will performance be enough?”

What do you think: Has LeBron James redeemed himself in the eyes of fans and brands since his controversial move to Miami?