Brand Bites For Your Consideration Edition


• Anne may Hathaway with acting, but could the agent who told the Oscars co-host the above skit is funny please take it back before Sunday?

• Viral experiment of the week? @wkwardprice lets “advertisers catch the attention of the public by paying crazy money for common and worthless items sold on Ebay.” Uh, no thanks.[more]

• Buy yourself a Fatburger — and a new business opportunity! Yes, 26 Fatburger locations are now up for sale.

• Once again proving that Aussies have more fun, we present — the Puma Love Run:

Justin Bieber auctions trimmed tresses, loses 80,000 Twitter followers, shows Taiwanewz videos yet again ahead of the curve:

• Theory of the week: How the Apple brand is Radiohead, and Radiohead is the Apple brand. OK, we’ll byte.

Skoda plans to launch a new brand identity at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

• In New Zealand, guerilla marketing campaign imprints ads on pantsless legs.

• This viral YouTube hit (7M views since Feb. 14) is actually from BBDO; behold, the Levi’sass cam” —

• And in India, Mountain Dew throws Bollywood superstar Salman Khan off a mountain: