Brands to Watch: Sprint, Facebook, BP


Brands to Watch

Deutsche Telekom is in preliminary talks to sell T-Mobile to Sprint, a deal that would remake the mobile landscape.

Facebook introduces movie streaming and rentals with Warner Bros., sending Netflix stock down; and launches real-time analytics for social plug-ins.

BP plans $3.5 billion bond sale as CEO apologizes for Gulf Spill and says industry must take more precautions.

Airbus receives $9.5 billion order for 100 jets.

American Apparel head Dov Charney’s latest scandal: a $250 million employee lawsuit alleging sexual assault.

Bill Gates is unlikely to reclaim the world’s richest title tomorrow, due to philanthropic contributions.

Bupa launches integrated marketing campaign and new tagline.

Coca-Cola invests in green bottling facility in UK.[more]

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark launches a new site:, to help link charitable efforts.

Disney CFO says ESPN could weather the loss of NFL games.

EU and US near finalizing air pact.

Ford CEO Mulally rewarded with $56.5 million in stock.

Foursquare revamps to monetize brand.

FTC to study impact of social marketing, alcohol brands and youth.

Google joins Sequoia Capital and Salesforce in backing digital marketer Hubspot.

Havas shuffles the decks.

IBM CEO sets $7 billion cloud goal, reiterates roadmap, sees compensation rise to $31.7 million.

K-Swiss brings back Kenny Powers character campaign for March Madness.

Kate Middleton expected to spur “flight to quality” and boost luxury brands.

Ho family splinters over Macau casino empire.

Japan suspends use of Pfizer and Sanofi pediatric medicines after four deaths.

Kraft rewards consumers who tweet about its mac’n’cheese.

Martha Stewart hires former Cookie magazine editor.

Microsoft expands Windows Phone 7 apps; said to be working on Ventura project, a platform for music/video “discovery and consumption.”

Microsoft‘s $1 billion payout to Nokia said to be money “well spent.” 

News Corp. backs Beyond Oblivion, a digital music alternative.

NPR rocked by executive’s taped remark calling Tea Party “racist.”

Plaxo moves out of social networking.

Skippy salmonella scare alarms Grist for other reasons.

Sony Ericsson names new marketing and communications heads.

Sweden to scrap postage stamps and encourage text messaging instead.

Ted “Golden Voice” Williams will be the voice of fashion week (in Baltimore), following Snoop Dogg video.

Tiki Barber ends retirement to return to NFL after four-year break.

Tropicana is raising prices 4-8%.

Unilever CMO tells ad agencies “consumers are in charge.”

Urban Outfitters sinks for not keeping up with changing fashions.

US auto industry pays bonuses again, but not likely to restore Michigan economy.