Brand Bites: Lady Gaga, Kim Cattrall, Magic Johnson & more


Here’s the official Lady Gaga for MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam commercial. More brandbitems this week:

Toyota tweets from Japan. Open for business.

Chrysler‘s Twitter feed got in hot water over tweeting that nobody in Motor City “knows how to (bleeped!) drive.”[more]

• I can’t believe it’s Kim Catrall! What she’s pitching: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter:

• Have you considered best practices for firming up your package’s backside?

DirecTV brings back that tiny giraffe:

• In the wake of Four Loko, the FTC is going to study how Facebook is being used to market booze to the young.

• “Pure Michigan” campaign gets boost from governor.

• One of the spots from the new Magic Johnson for Dove campaign:

• Get your geek on: MIT Media Lab gets appropriate new logo.

• As “tiger blood” beverage maker Xango distances brand from Charlie Sheen, our headline of the week contender: “Does Charlie Sheen Qualify as a Small Business?” Or — this. And you just knew there’d be a comic book.

Yahoo! and Nielsen team up to study online ads in Asia.

Old Navy will give 30% to customers who say the word “booty” from Mar. 17-20:

• 1,500 New Yorkers are on a waiting list for $17/pint MilkMade Ice Cream brand.

• Are brands “funding football piracy?

• With more than 1.5 million views, this ad for Taiwan’s TC Bank is going viral:

Ikea “e-folder” turns your expensive, cool-looking Macbook desktop into a cheap, cool-looking set of shelves.

Czech Costa Coffee will rebrand all Coffeeheaven outlets.

• What would Uncle Walt say about Disney dolls waxing?

• It’s a bird… it’s a plane … it’s inflatable food!

• Study finds celebrity messages are more cost-effective than Facebook display ads.

• Will there be a new New York Knicks logo? How about a new logo for the Miami Heat?

• And our “Seriously?” brand hook-up of the week: