Viral Video Watch: Richard Simmons #richroll for Air New Zealand


Trending on YouTube: the latest example of how Air New Zealand is determined to win at the viral video game.

From Rico, the smarmy suave puppet, to hiring Snoop Dogg to rap with Rico, and now hiring Richard Simmons (with a cameo by Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan) for a comedic in-flight safety video — but really to generate a #richroll meme on Twitter, picking up where the #rickroll craze left off — the airline’s doing more to boost NZ’s national image than Peter Jackson’s Kiwi filmmaking featuring hobbits (but no sheep).[more]

As USA Today notes, it’s not the first time the cheeky airline has created an irreverent in-flight video, noting 2009’s body-painted staff “bare essentials” video and last year’s “Crazy About Rugby” streaking granny video.

Check out the ‘making of’ Simmons’ addition to ANZ’s in-flight canon below.[more]