In the News: BP, BA, Myspace and more


In the News

BP reviewed by US prosecutors for potential manslaughter charges.

British Airways cable crew vote for new round of strikes.

News Corp. and Vevo are in talks about the future of Myspace.

AT&T/T-Mobile merger “hurdle must be high,” writes the New York Times in an op-ed.

Eminem lawsuit could change how digital revenues get shared with artists.

Grameen Bank head Muhammad Yunus fights move to get him to step down.[more]

Hearst seals deal for Elle‘s international rights and other Lagardère titles.

Irish banks expected to need another bailout.

Lenovo, China’s major computer brand, launches own tablet computer called LePad.

Madonna charity comes under US federal scrutiny.

P&G‘s Dawn launches junior wildlife program aimed at students.

Pret a Manger thrives on oatmeal sales.

Qatar Airways rolls out major branding initiative.

Time Warner Cable disputes with TV networks over streaming iPad service “bursts into the open.”

Warner Bros. is close to buying Flixster, a social sharing and movie ratings site.