Silk Goes for the Jugular in New Campaign


No matter that California actually leads the nation in milk production now. It just wouldn’t have much “news” value to say that a California family has switched from dairy to drinking soy milk!

So White Wave, masters of the Silk brand of soy milk (and almond milk and coconut milk), decided to pick on Wisconsin instead. After all, it is “America’s Dairyland.”[more]

The point of Silk’s new advertising campaign is to show that even sworn dairy-milk drinkers from the heart of cow-milk country can get with Silk.

The “Silk for Milk 10-Day Challenge” asks Americans to substitute Silk for their dairy milk all day long — on their cereal, in their coffee, making mac’n’cheese, you name it — for 10 days and then determine whether they like Silk better. You know what the answer is in the TV ads featuring a real family (below) from Wisconsin.

The new Silk campaign also includes a website, print ads, Facebook promotion, a Twitter hashtag (#switchtosilk), and a sampling campaign.

The only question is: Why now? Silk always posed itself as a logical dairy alternative, as the ground-breaking brand essentially created the refrigerated-soy-milk segment under the leadership of founder Steve Demos, who subsequently sold White Wave to Dean Foods.

Perhaps the answer is to remind Americans subconsciously that Silk can offer them at least one way out of the obesity dilemma. And what better way to do that than using a bunch of dairy-raised turncoats from Wisconsin?