Hop Scotched: Product Placements In ‘Hop’ More Interesting Than Plot


Since we don’t want to spend more time covering the product placement in Hop than the filmmakers spent on the whole plot of the movie, this is going to be short.

The ad tie-ins got started even before the movie did. Our cinema screened the above commercial trailer for Walmart featuring Hop-branded merchandise just before starting the film.[more]

As we noted last week, Walmart is just one of Hop’s numerous “promotional partners.” The kids’ animated movie also contains product placements for rebranded baby carrots (now “the official snack of the Easter Bunny”), Hershey’s Kisses and Kraft’s Cadbury Cream Egg:

In what’s almost become a running joke in animated films from Toy Story 3 to Bolt, there’s an “Easter egg” placement of an Apple product (in the now defunct iPod).

Sadly, the long-running trend of low product placement counts in animated films for children comes to an abrupt end with Hop. Like a throwback to earlier versions of Shrek and Shark Tale, Hop makes the most out of in-the-now brand-based gags, such as one involving “bunnies” and the Playboy mansion.

Parents were surely pleased to see that. A groan-inducing subplot involving David Hasselhoff rounded out the reasons Hop has no shelf life and will be unwatchable past 2017. It seems for every Mad Men product placement strategy, there is a Hop.

One final “eater egg” brand placement is the Stax records t-shirt (above) worn by the rock star-loving rabbit (below) through the film. Stax was the legendary label of Al Green, Otis Redding, Booker T. & The MG’s and  Isaac Hayes. And the shirt is even available in the Stax Museum online shop.

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