The Governator: Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils Superhero Comeback


We’ve been keeping tabs on how Arnold Schwarzenegger is staging his post-politics personal comeback as an entertainer. Today at the MIPTV conference in Cannes, the world’s biggest TV marketplace, the former governor of California unveiled his latest incarnation: cartoon superhero.

The press release for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming kids’ TV animated series, The Governator, offers this description:

“Who has special ‘Speak Sprays’ (disguised as breath freshener) that let him speak a foreign language? Who has an electronic ‘Fly Spy’ with a mini-cam that activates through his ring, and tracks through his ‘G Shades’? Who has Bubble Trouble (bubblegum), that splats to form a face mask secret identity. With his 3 amazing teenage cohorts, his underground lair of super vehicles, and his digital super suits, who delivers the ULTIMATE in both comedy and action?”

Forget who. Why?![more]

As his website notes, “stay tuned for my next move.” Today, he announced it on Twitter: “I’m pumped for my next role as the Governator. Check out the trailer & tell me what you think.”

The series is “loosely based on Schwarzenegger’s recent political career, with an animated post-governor Arnie fighting crime and natural disasters while trying to make it home for dinner every night,” reports The Guardian.

He emphasized that it will be funny and appropriate for kids, not violent. “You will see more action in this series than you have ever seen before, but combined with comedy,” he said at the press conference (below). “This will not be a violent show. If you look at my movies, a lot of heads come off. That is not what this is.”

A collaboration between Schwarzenegger, branded entertainment firm A Squared Entertainment, comic books publisher Archie Comics and POW! Entertainment (headed by former Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee), the series will spawn comic books, digital content and ultimately a 3D movie for the big screen.

The star, who was inducted into the French Legion d’Honneur today, also said he is planning a return to the big screen in non-animated form. “I will also be in front of the camera, and I’m looking at many different scripts,” he said. “We have somewhat held off with that because we really wanted to pay full attention to The Governator.”

Watch the press conference below, and tell us: what do you think of Schwarzenegger’s latest move?