Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Wrangle Celeb Pals for Anti-Child Trafficking Spots


The “Real Man” campaign featuring Sean Penn and a host of other actors and star athletes was released today in support of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s DNA Foundation — short for Demi’n’Ashton as well as Donate/Notify/Action. 

The tagline is “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.” So what do “Real Men” do? Evidently, “iron” (above) and “walk it off” (below), even with a gaping wound.

It’s a well-meaning if muddled (there’s a live-action sequence, followed by Jessica Biel or Eva Longoria highlighting another “real man”) effort, the biggest to date in the foundation’s commitment to raise awareness and stop child prostitution, sex slavery and trafficking.[more]

Find out more about the campaign on DNA’s Twitter and Facebook pages, where — as Moore tweeted — supporters can also make their own “Real Man” video.

Here’s Ashton Kutcher‘s spot, followed by some other celebs:

Bradley Cooper (with Biel’s shout-out to Conan O’Brien):

Jamie Foxx (with Eva Longoria nod to fellow actor Jason Pollock):

Old Spice Man Isaiah Mustafa (who sounds like he did the voiceovers) doffs his shirt, while Longoria notes Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jason Calacanis:

Here’s Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson (with Longoria shout-out to fellow NFLer Tom Brady and in an alternative version, Russell Simmons and Dwayne Johnson):

Jason Mraz (with Biel shout-out to Peter Buffett, son of Warren):

Justin Timberlake, with Biel, his ex, flagging Buffett’s daughter Jennifer as someone who “prefers a real man”:

Click here to see the other variations; and here’s Kutcher’s intro to DNA last June: