Method Says Love Your Laundry


There’s a battle being waged in laundry rooms throughout the world and it’s all about environmentally friendly laundry products. This product category has seen significant growth recently, and the fight among brands isn’t always friendly. 

Witness the dispute last year over the use of a yellow daisy — that’s right, a daisy — in product packaging. Clorox, maker of Green Works, took legal action against Method, the manufacturer of non-toxic laundry and personal care products, because Green Works wanted the exclusive right to use the yellow daisy in its product packaging. Method, it seems, was displaying a yellow daisy in some of its promotional material, claiming that a yellow daisy couldn’t be owned by anyone, since it was a product of nature.

That’s old dirty laundry. This month, Method sprouted a new campaign called “Laundry Love” that has nothing to do with flowers.[more]

Instead, the brand is encouraging consumers to take videos of themselves doing laundry. The amateur videos would then be compiled into a music video by Method promoting Method’s concentrated products. “The point is to get the message out about how the size of the packaging does not reflect the strength of the product, which is concentrated eightfold,” reports MarketingDaily.

Method’s Laundry Love campaign is entirely crowdsourced — a first for the company — so of course, it is relying on social media like Facebook and Twitter, where it’s using the hashtag #crowdsourcingclean, to generate interest.

Alyssa Berman, Method’s head of communications, tells MarketingDaily that the company is supporting the campaign with print and online ads in the U.S. and is using to give away $2 coupons good towards product purchase.

While Method is an acknowledged leader in environmentally friendly cleaning products, it has faced increasingly intense competition from such brands as Green Works and Seventh Generation, which has seen gains from last year’s distribution deal with Wal-Mart.

Method sells its products through such retailers as Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, Target, and Whole Foods.