T-Mobile Spoofs Royal Wedding in Latest Viral Video


Those wags at T-Mobile in the UK have moved on from flashmobs to lookalikes — royal lookalikes.

The upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton inspired the brand’s marketers to come up with the above made-for-viral video — a spoof of not only the royal family, but that wedding video — as released today and teased all week.

T-Mobile UK also just released what it’s claiming is the first ever 3D time-lapse film, created by Paul WS Anderson, director of Resident Evil: Afterlife.[more]

Tribal DDB hired Anderson for a Koyaanisqatsi-like short for T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom, to include in its Entertain 3D package in Germany; click here to watch it. Deutsche Telekom is still in the midst of its deal with AT&T for T-Mobile US, a transaction which is expected to go before the FCC for approval next week.

Meanwhile, another viral video pegged to the Royal Wedding is making the rounds, as Sheila Shayon reports:


Oh, Kate – is it too late for The Other Guys?

Ollie Boesen, an intern at Vibrant Media, has produced a video with Scotland’s premier all male a cappella group, The Other Guys. It’s, naturally, set at St. Andrews University in Scotland — where the Royal Couple met and fell in love — to celebrate their April 29th wedding. 

Riffing on Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, James Horner, Gustav Holst, The Human League and Michael Jackson, the video was filmed and recorded by students.

Already a viral hit with nearly 100,000 views on YouTube, it has garnered coverage from BBC, ABC, GMA and is trending on Twitter and Facebook: