Batter Up for PepsiCo’s ITV App


Borrowing a page from the Field of Dreams that inspired its current MLB campaign, Pepsi MAX is betting that if it builds a “Clubhouse in the Corn” then baseball fans will come.

IntoNow, a mobile app startup owned by Yahoo, has teamed with MLB Advanced Media, the digital arm of Major League Baseball, and PepsiCo on an innovative campaign that raises the bar on digital ad serving and monetization. 

It’s another PepsiCo first, leveraging technology to bridge television and the real world to create interaction around a great experience — in this case, baseball.[more]

Here’s the play: after downloading IntoNow’s free tagging app, point your iPhone at TV the screen during the TV commercial above, hit the green button on the app and receive a free 20oz Pepsi MAX coupon for tagging the new commercial. Only the first 50,000 ‘taggers’ will receive a coupon, redeemable at major retailers including Target and CVS through December 31st.

IntoNow’s blog post on the partnership highlights how its technology identifies live and previously aired TV content (from up to five years ago), and lets users tag it, begin a conversation around it and discover what friends are watching, all through audio-fingerprinting technology.

The technology was developed by Auditude, who spent years recording and fingerprinting programming from 130 major US networks. It takes between 4-12 seconds to identify a clip and how it’s been viewed – live, DVR or on another device. There have been 3 million tags and 600,000 downloads of the app since its January launch.

“If it has aired on TV in the last five years, its in our catalogue. Our coverage is pretty big. There are a few things that are missing. We don’t have movies until they hit the premium channels, and we don’t have truly local content,” CEO Adam Cahan told Ad Age.

At the moment, the IntoNow mobile application is only available for the iPhone. 

MLB legends and stars Dennis Eckersley, Rollie Fingers, Carlton Fisk, Rickey Henderson, Randy Johnson, Evan Longoria, Lou Piniella, CC Sabathia, Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Smith and Jim Thome believe you will come…and surely, they can’t all be wrong.